Studie & práce


Tinfi (Text Inhomogeneities Finder)


The program is based on the algorithms described by Jiří Milička in his article Type-token and Hapax-token Relation: A Combinatorial Model (Glottotheory 2/1).

A) Input

  1. Insert or load the text you want to explore.
  2. Specify (in the combobox) the type of the texts.
  3. Specify the lag size (can be modified later). The lag size determines how detailed the marking will be. Use larger lag size for larger texts.
  4. Specify the direction of the processing.
  5. Press the "Process" button (F9).

B) Processing

The algorithm is quite greedy so please be patient when exploring long texts (the progress is not visible). Considerable time would consume marking the quantities in the text, so only visible parts are marked. To mark the whole text press "Colour All" button.

C) Output

  1. You can export the text to the rtf file. The rtf file can be processed by MS WordPad. MS Word does not support the background colour formating properly.
  2. The orientation panel on the right side shows your position in the text. Click inside the panel to navigate in the text.