Studie & práce




The program is based on the algorithms described by Jiří Milička and Miroslav Kubát in their article Vocabulary Richness Measure in Genres (JQL 4/20).

A) Input

  1. Choose the text(s) you want to explore. Use multiple selection if you want to add more than one text (the program processes each file separately in batches).
  2. Specify (in the combobox) the type of the texts.
  3. Specify the case sensitivity.
  4. Press the "Process!" button.

B) Processing

Please be patient when exploring long texts (the progress is not visible).

C) Output

Output files are created and saved in the same folder as the input files. It contains MWTTR (YourInput_MWTTR.txt), and MWTTRD (YourInput_MWTTRDist.txt) in the format suitable for further processing, for example MATTR can be computed easily. Hapax-token ratio is being computed as well (YourInput_MWHTR.txt and YourInput_MWHTRDist.txt).