Text Inhomogeneities Finder

The software is designed to contribute to discover the text inhomogeneities by comparing type-token relation of the text and its combinatorial model. Parts of a text in which number of types rises disproportionally are marked. The quick increase ( i.e. a new topic is introduced or style or language is changed) is marked by the green colour, while slow increase of types (i.e. repeating of old topics or even autoquotations). The software is appropriate also for the literary science.

The application allows its user to change the direction of the processing the text - forwards and backwards. When checking both forwards and backwards, unique parts of the texts (comparing with the rest of the text) are marked by the green colour, while typical parts are marked by the red colour. The application provides a graphic user interface (documentation).
The application is a freeware (licence).

Download: Tinfi (Win 32 bit, 64 bit compatible) 2.4 MB (no instalation needed, just download).
If you like the application, please support its further development..

This work was supported by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, project "Structure of Culture: Arabic and Islamic culture in prism of corpus linguistics" (13-28220S).